December 21, 2019

Twin Girls Newborn Session: The Martin’s


Each year we document a piece of Betsey + Wills love story and adventure as it grows with time. It began with their first anniversary, then the purchase of their new home followed by the addition to the family Lucy, their second fur baby. Each year has brought a new step in their lives together as husband and wife, but this year, this year life grew exponentially.

The email began with…

“I wanted to reach out about scheduling another anniversary shoot this year! I’m not sure what we would want to do this year, but if everything goes according to plan we will have a third Martin! We are in the process of adopting a baby …”.

So basically our little hearts just exploded with excitement and for the next few months we prayed that all would go well.

And boy did it, God had plans. Throughout the adoption process there were ups and downs, highs and lows, which is totally normal as a couple waits to be chosen by a birth mom, but then it happened. Betsey + Will were chosen and kept in close contact with the birth mom and several times they joked about her having twins. But she always reassured them that she would totally know if it was twins. That was until she went in to labor.

It was a Friday when Betsey received the call that their birth mom was going into labor, she also told her that there was a surprise when the hospital did the ultra sound – twins!! Betsey teared up with joy and excitement and told their birth mom, even if you had five we would gladly take care of them all!

So before they new it, Saturday morning, 7 weeks ago, they were on a plane and heading to Texas to be there as the twin girls were born.

And can we all agree, they are so perfect! One was asleep the entire session while the other was wide awake. And like a good big brother, Deacon (fur baby #1) was there the entire time to keep and eye on the girls.

We can’t even wait to see these two girls grow up, its going to be so much fun!!

Also can we just say, we nailed the ring shot. It is incredibly hard to balance two rings on a flat service let alone on the toes of new born twins with 4 legs moving all at once! Crowning achievement if we do say so ourselves!

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