September 23, 2020

Woodstock Georgia Estate Maternity Session: Kristen + Drew


We first met Kristen and Drew in 2016 as they were planning their amazing wedding. We then documented their beautiful engagement session followed by their gorgeous unforgettable wedding day. And this past weekend we documented their maternity session!! LOVELOVELOVE

Baby Sydney will be here this October, only a few weeks away and we are so excited to meet her! She will have some of the best parents ever and a fur baby as a big sister, so sweet!

As we walked the estate with Kristen and Drew we caught up on life, shared hopeful thoughts and dreamed about the future. It was also incredibly sweet to see how much their love for each other has deepen over the years and the fact that Drew will do anything to keep Kristen comfortable and safe… talk about melting your heart! Seeing love in action is what makes this one life we all get so worth it.

The shoes…seriously they make us just want to squeel with joy. They are so tiny to hold some very tiny toes.

Dear Kristen + Drew,
We know y’all will make amazing parents for this beautiful little girl. Thank you for allowing us to document the journey of your love story as it spans time with enduring love. We can’t wait to meet baby Sydney, she is going to be beyond exquisite, I mean obviously just look at y’all. With your guidance and nurturing nature she will thrive and be such a light of joy to everyone she meets. EEEk and she will get her first halloween, first thanksgiving and first Christmas all with in her first three months of life LOVELOVELOVE!! Just thought of that and had to add it, so much fun!

Much Love and Blessings,
The Horns

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  1. Stacie Floyd says:

    These photos are just incredible! The both of you know exactly how to tell the perfect story. From weddings to births to birthdays. I enjoy your work each and every time you post. You have a great Gift and made a brand for yourselves. Keep up the excellence! ❤️

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