September 22, 2016


Oh my birthday week… it is finally here!! I honestly don’t think I will ever try to hide my birthday or my age. I really do love getting older and each year I am so thankful that God has blessed me with this time on earth. Not to mention that in the last 38 years God has given me AMAZING friends to celebrate with.


Dear Friends,

I deeply cherish each and everyone of you. Each of you uniquely different + authentic and reflecting the love of our Creator in the way He intended. Your support and love has helped me reach goals and climb obstacles I would not have been able to achieve without you. Your prayers, when I have been in desperate need, have always pulled through. I have no doubt that my father making it through a year of chemo at the age of 74 is proof to that! Without your prayers I may have been spending this birthday without him, and as I sit here tearing up while writing this, I am so overwhelmed with joy because you all cared enough to pray for my papa-bear.

You have also been the ones to make me laugh when times were tough and made me laugh even harder when times were good! Even to the point of laughing so hard that my stomach hurt and tears ran down my face! I LOVE laughing that hard. And you all know that when I laugh that hard I snort, which makes us all laugh that much more… STOP IT I CANT EVEN! But seriously without each and everyone of you my life would not be the same. So thank you for putting up with me, loving me and being there for me. You are AMAZING!!! This leads me to this weeks Peaks & Valleys.

P.S Fabulous Five ROCK;)!

This week’s VALLEYS go to…

• Hitting my knee with my work out weight this week……. OOOOOOOuch!!!
• Spilling a jar of coconut oil on myself while trying to open the lid.
• Remodeling the bathroom. I know I will love it when it done, but right now it’s no fun.

This week’s PEAKS go to…
• FRIENDS… obviously!
• My Papa-bear being here to celebrate another birthday with me.
• Cool fall nights and morning starting to creep in.
• After workout recovery smoothies. Sometimes it the only thing that gets me to the end of a workout.

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