Happy Birthday Michelle

Today oh behalf of the world and all it’s inhabitants I, Brandon celebrate the anniversary of the birth of an amazing person. Someone that has blessed so many others.  Someone that rarely seeks out accolades, awards, or recognition for anything. Someone that is humble and seeks to bless others constantly. This special person loves me through everything no matter what. This stellar individual has been a friend to many allowed so many into her life only to be a blessing to them.  She constantly has an ear to hear those words that sometimes just need to be heard and a heart to lend out to those that are have a broken one themselves. Maybe you have had the chance, like I have, to be blessed by knowing her or possibly you haven’t gotten to meet her quite yet, either way let us all lift our glasses (or in my case since I am writing this in the morning, my coffee mug) and toast to this amazing photographer, beautiful friend, dreamy wife, dedicated Christian, wonderful mother, talented designer, spectacular daughter, and smoking hot bride of mine…To MICHELLE, Happy Birthday.


May God bless you this day and all the days to follow!!!

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