Peaks & Valleys: Dryer Ball Fail + Signs of Fall

Three n’ a half months ago we packed our Outlander, hitched up the teardrop trailer, loaded the dogs in the back seat and readied our hearts for a new adventure in the North Georgia Mountains. With our GPS set and plenty of drive time snacks we were off. As many of you have probably read (Summer Camp), Brandon is now the Camp Director for Life Teens Hidden Lake Camp. This is truly a dream come true for us!

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As this adventure unfolds I thought it would be invaluable to do installments of Peaks + Valleys, both for my heart now and as something that I can look back on in years to come. My goal is to keep it real, acknowledging what I’m thankful for (PEAKS) and do a little venting (VALLEYS) to clean the soul.
After all child, holing everything in will kill a person”Love Grandma

This week’s VALLEYS go to…
• DIY yarn dryer balls. One of them unraveled in the dryer even though it was felted first. Huge knotted mess!
• Jumping on the scale after two weeks of not so diet friendly meals.
• Acquiring a bruse the size of two golfballs after a river adventure with the dogs. Adventure fun… bruse not so much.
• Lays gyro flavored potato chips. I stopped at subway for an “on the road lunch” and saw all the new Lays flavors… Biscuit and Gravy (not even trying), Rubin (may try), Gyro (tried by not impressed) and Truffle fries (dying to try).

Horn Photography-Design laundry-002

This week’s PEAKS go to…
• We celebrated our six year wedding anniversary this past weekend. We were going to go out on the town but instead we ended up putting on our PJ’s cooking dinner together, enjoyed a glass of wine, watched a movie and then went stargazing under the night sky. PERFECT!
• Made my own eco freindly laundry detergent, scented laundry crystals and softener. They work fabulously and smell amazing.
• Publix food commercial. Even though I shop at organic food stores and farmers markets I have to admit that the Publix commercial is heart warming.
•  Seeing the first fall leaves beginning to appear. Fall is my favorite season and now that we live in North Georgia I get to enjoy it once again.

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