How To Photograph Wedding Details With Movement

I throughly enjoy days when I can sit on the couch, feet propped up on the coffee table, a cool refreshing iced soda with lemon on the end table and a breeze blowing in the windows while reading either LIVING magazine or FOOD & Wine magazine (my two favs.). The way they capture details with movement invokes my imagination and brings me into each story I read. I love the relationship between viewing an image and feeling the moment within it.

When shooting a wedding I challenge my self to not only capture the movement of the wedding day but to also capture movement when shooting the details that make each wedding unique. In the example photos below I incorporated movement into shooting a few details of the wedding dress, jewelry and the grooms attire.

Horn Photography + Design Julie + John-0322

And if your wondering, Yes, I did curate stylized photos of these items before my bride and groom got dressed but I also incorporated the moving details during their romantic shots to further tell the story and to invite the viewer into the world of imagining the day in their minds.  Within the movement the main goal is not that each detail is isolated with crisp focus but instead the focus is on the bride and groom with a strong highlight on the details of what they are wearing or what is surrounding them during the wedding.

I hope this helps bring to life your wedding day details. If you have any question please comment below.

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