July 20, 2018

PEAKS & VALLEYS: Flying Smoothies + Paint

Adulting Can be Hard. The peaks can be high and the valleys can be low.

Being married and owning our own home has come with a lot of adulting. Even though I am type A, so adulting comes naturally (my mom would say it has come naturally since I was about 12), I still get totally worn out by it all. I LOVE being married and could not imagine my life any other way. And… I am obsessed with owning our own tiny snugly A-frame in the mountains. But working with my amazing hubby to get our place just right for us sometimes literally kicks my butt.

For instance, last week while painting our fence I walked into the paint can. I slid down the hill side of the fence and wound up with paint all over me. Then after upgrading our back patio to make it cozy, I thought it would be nice to sit outside and enjoy our dinner. However the dogs had other plans. There I was with our smoothies in hand (we just did a 10 day smoothie cleanse which ended today – thank goodness). Ok so there I was smoothies in hand + some delicious fruits and veggies all ready to eat on my lap, new rug under my feet and beautiful new pillows behind me. Just then the dogs decided to bring their food onto and all over the new carpet. I jumped up to stop them and in the process smoothies flew into the air onto our new carpet + all over our dogs. Food went everywhere and I was left sitting there crying! It’s funny now but it kicked my butt the day of!

This leads me to this weeks Peaks + Valleys…


This week’s VALLEYS go to…

  • Smoothie cleanse, obviously.
  • Fires on the west coast. I know natural wild fires happen and is a part of the cycle of nature but it still kills us to see so many people hurt, losing their homes and lives lost because of it. Praying for those who are all effected.
  • Binge watching a show and then not being able to find another show we love just as much. Am I RIGHT?

Bridge view with moss Dahlonega Georgia Horn Photography and design

This week’s PEAKS go to…

  • Finishing the fence that took us 3 months to complete… Bye Felicia
  • Finding out that my spirit animal is a deer. I totally relate and love deer. What is your’s let me know in the comments – spirit animal quiz!
  • We got a brand new bed and it is AMAZING!! Brandon and I wanted a mattress that was all natural with no toxic chemicals and made 100% out of latex and organic cotton. We also purchased new pillows all made of latex and organic cotton. This is the best mattress we have ever slept on. We got ours here: www.latexforless.com
  • Vitamix. We finally broke down and bought a Vitamix. It is my new best friend, it can literally do everything! We have at least one smoothie everyday + we cook at home almost all three meals each day so this is fabulous and I totally recommend it above any other blender we have ever used.



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