PEAKS & VALLEYS: Tarantula on the loose + Nashville + New Client Space


Ok, living in the national forest has it’s ups and downs. Just yesterday I was tiding up the house getting ready for a friend to come for a visit. As I was sweeping by our large living room windows I saw on huge spider. When I say huge, I am pretty sure it was a baby tarantula devouring a housefly smack dap in the middle of the windows.  And of corse, since the weather here has been amazing, the windows were wide open.

For a moment both of my legs felt like jello and I started seeing spots. Trying not to pass out, as I hate spiders,  I quickly calmed myself and ran next store to get Sean. He is one of the great guys in our community. I asked him to come kill it for me but little did I know that he hates spiders too. So armed with a broom and me ten steps behind, we both headed over to the man eater. For about 5 min we just stared at it killing its prey right in front of us. Just before Sean was about to end this horrifying situation Brandon showed up and instantly the broom got passed. Sean said Brandon is taking this one, that thing is huge.

Brandon took a good long look at the nasty beast and finally swung. We all screamed and jumped back about 10 more feet. He missed!!! He missed!!! How do you miss a spider the size of a half dollar or larger. I get the creeps just thinking about it. So needless to say all the windows in the house are closed and the AC is back on till that thing is gone. This leads me to this weeks Peaks + Valleys.


This week’s VALLEYS go to…
•Spiders… obviously!
• Heartburn… it keeps on coming back, trying some omeprazole for the next 14 day. If that does not work its off to the doc.
• Chocolate on White Pants. Yep, I was wearing a pair of white jeans and eating an organic chocolate chip cookie in the car after lunch. I failed to realize that one of the chocolate chips fell in my lap and melted creating a huge brown chocolate spot. It was not until I was in line at the store when I noticed the clerk look at the huge brown spot (with utter  shock) that was not in a great spot on my lap. Oh how I just wanted to die and crawl in a hole due to embarrassment.


This week’s PEAKS go to…
• BIRTHDAY MONTH! I know, most people hate getting older, but I truly feel so blessed to age. After all there are so many who never get the chance to grow older. I just hope I age like a fine wine and with some fine wine:)
• New Client Meeting Space in our home, I am loving the look. Video to come very soon.
• Weekend Nashville Trip. Brandon and I went for his cousins wedding. It was the first wedding in 6 years that we were not shooting. We had a blast dancing the night away followed the next day by shopping, eating lunch and touring around downtown Nashville.
• Old Vintage Refrigerator Magnets I found in a little antique store downtown… these made my day.
• And last but not least, Lays Biscuit and Gravy new chip flavor. I broke down and tried the new chip flavor and I am soooo glad I did, they are AMAZING! Real comfort food.

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