September 4, 2015

Skype/FaceTime Wedding Consultation 6 Tips


Being a person who grew up state hopping, keeping connected “long distance” became very natural. It used to literally mean picking up the phone dialing the long distance number and then curling up on the couch with a spiral cord that could reach at least 25feet. OLD SCHOOL I know. Finally we got cordless phones and I could walk anywhere in the house while talking. But eventually Myspace came out, yes I had one of those, and that was how I kept in touch. This was followed by Facebook, Twitter and now Snapchat. All great ways to stay connected especially long distance.

However, my favorite way to connect with someone on a more personal level who is long distance is Skype or FaceTime. It brings the beauty of face to face connection alive. To physically see someone smile or laugh + their emotions as they communicate is a beautiful gift I treasure deeply.

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Because we live in a small yet extremely adorable little town in the mountains and predominantly shoot in larger metro areas over an hour away from us, we offer consultations in our town or schedule skype/facetime consultations. Several of our clients actually love to make the drive to our office, because lets be honest, getting out of the city and into the gorgeous mountains for the day is AMAZING. But we totally understand when that is not an option with busy lives. To make life a little sweeter for our clients we offer the skype/facetime consultations so we can still interact in person long distance.

To make the Skype/facetime consultations comfortable + inviting we have 6 tips that help us to share the love for what we do.
*Get dressed up.  This is just our way of showing that we are excited for the meeting and we are looking our best for our cleints.
*Check Lighting. We want to make sure our clients can see us well + we set the camera up in front of our famous pallet wall or fireplace. Both offer a warm, cozy and inviting feeling.
*Sit back away from the computer. This makes sure that our faces are less distorted by the wide angle camera, and it makes us appear more inviting.
* Have files ready. At a consultation we discuss our packages and prices. We personally like to have this ready to email so our clients can review them as well. We also have our quickbooks open so we can prepare a custom quote and email that on the spot.
*Have products to show. Another plus of the skype consultation is that we can show our wedding albums, invitations and coffee table books right to our couples.
* And once the consultation starts be sure to make it all about your client. This is the time to learn about them, their wedding and how they would like their love story captured.

We hope this helps you with your next or your first Skype/facetime wedding consultation.

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