December 22, 2016

PEAKS & VALLEYS: The real life of an Entrepreneur

The real life of an Entrepreneur was not exactly what I had in mind 7 years ago. I envisioned editing on my laptop in a bright white coffee shop everyday with the ocean right outside the window, having on a fabulous outfit, with great hair and a hot cup of tea. Getting done work every day by 2pm and then hanging out with hubby + friends. But lest be honest… it just ain’t like that.

Instead I find myself…
Working in our beautiful home office right next to my husband on our iMac’s.
Most days are spent with my hair in a messy pony tail and yoga pants on.
Both dogs curl up on a dog bed that sits in-between our two white IKEA desks.
A hot cup of tea sits at arms length from me while B sips on a strong cup of coffee.
Work typically last until sunset so we can capture the sweet light as it wraps it’s self around our clients.
And the North Georgia Mountains sit just behind our home.
Our days end with wine, good food and Netflix as we cuddle up on the couch.

This leads me to this weeks Peaks + Valleys.

This week’s VALLEYS go to…

• Switching health insurance, gosh that is a huge headache.
• Brandon’s hardware broke on his harness while at a wedding, to be honest we should have replace the hardware when we got the new harness. Live and learn. Thank goodness there was no damage to his camera.
• No snow for Christmas. The weather app has predicted us to have snow 3 times now and it still has not happened:( Bummer.

This week’s PEAKS go to…
• Ummm, Christmas only being 2 days away!!!!!!!!
• Receiving sweet Christmas cards from our clients and then on top of that seeing that they used one of the photos we took of them.
• Getting a brand new iMac… she is so fast. Yes it’s a girl.
• Oh and durring a white elephant gift exchange I just so happened to get my favorite movie… The Goonies!!!

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