Kate + Adam said their vows standing in the center of San Antonio Texas at the gorgeous San Fernando Cathedral. As they stood before more then 200 of their family members and friends they vowed to love each other freely, totally, faithful and fruitfully. It was a wedding mass encompassed in God’s Love and Holy Presence.

I reached out to Kate to see what wedding Advice she could pass along to our soon-t0-be married couples, this is what she shared.

Horn Photography + Design Katadm-1483I’d say a couple of things: 

Think about what matters most to you about your wedding and give that the heart of your attention. Is it getting to spend the rest of your life with your spouse? Is it having fun with friends and family? Is it the ceremony or reception? The napkins or flowers? Make sure to keep everything in perspective and know when to let go and trust in the beauty of what’s coming together all around you!
Also, take moments with your spouse during your wedding to pause and take it all in. Survey the beauty of what’s going on all around you and savor it. Tell yourselves, I want to remember this moment
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