Should I Use The Photographer Included in my Venue Package?

How to Pick the Best Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding Day.

Over the years we have worked with couples who felt pretty pressured by their venue to use the “Venue In-House Wedding Photographer” who is included in all their venue packages. However the “venue in-house photographer” was not at all in line with their style. An awkward situation to say the least.

Photographers are artist who tell your love story through their lenses and working with a photog who fits your style is soooo (many o’s for emphasis) important. Letting a stranger select your photographer is like buying a record from a band you have never heard, having your house built by and architect you have never met nor seen his work, sitting through an agonizing boring stage performance when you could have been watching Stomp perform live or getting that old hand-me down painting that no one else in the family wants.

When you work with photographers you vibe with and get your style you end up with AMAZING wedding photos that capture YOUR love story and the truest part of who your are. So how do you pick the best photographer?

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What To Do if Your Venue Includes a Photographer? 

1. If your venue package includes a photographer be sure to do your homework before booking and ask some questions.
– Who is the photographer?  (Look at their Website, FB and Instagram)
– May we meet with the photographer in person? (Do y’all click!? After all this is the person who will be with you ALL DAY.)
– Is there a second shooter?
– May we see a full gallery from an entire wedding they have shot here?
– What if we don’t like the photographer’s style + don’t click well with them?
– May we bring in our own photographers?
– Is there an additional fee for using our own photographers?

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So you Love the Photographer

2. If you love the in house photographer’s style, you have seen a full wedding they have done and just adore it + you have met in person, they make you laugh and feel comfortable then go with them. Its a good fit.

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What if You Don’t Like the Photographer?

3. BUT… if you are not meshing with the in-house photographer and not feeling their style then don’t be afraid to say so. This is your wedding day and your photos are the one thing you will have for years and years to come. After your wedding all the cake and food will have been eaten, the flowers will be long gone, all the decorations will be given away, and your dress will be in a box and preserved. The love you share, your rings and your photos will be the three things you will have forever. They are priceless.

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Good News

4. Before booking the venue with the in-house photographer gracefully bring up your concerns. Let them know that you love the venue but the in-house photographer does not fit your style and you would like to bring in your own photographers. Most venues are very flexible and truly want the honor of hosting your wedding so they will work with you.

Bride and Groom Romantic Photos wedding photography Dahlonega, GA

Bride and Groom Kiss

This Might Mean Changes

5. What if the venue looks at you cross-eyed for wanting to bring in your own photographer? Then Boo this may not be the venue for you… even if it is gorgeous. And I get it, you lovelovelove the venue, but I urge you to think about how well will they take care of you on your wedding day if they are already giving you a hard time and you have not even booked them yet.

wedding photographer captures reception groom dancing with guests

wedding reception bride dancing guests florida photography

All This = The #BestDayEver

On your wedding day you deserve to work with vendors you adore! Vendors who are like you, understand your vision + your style. Vendors who have your back and are in this to serve you with love.

wedding reception bride groom dance with guests around photographer dahlonega, ga



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