1 Simple Tip To Improve Bride + Groom Portraits

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If your reading this then we know you have experienced the AWKWARDNESS of trying to direct + pose a couple for your very first time. You may even be on your 5th shoot or 3rd wedding and still struggling with posing, we get it. Your hearts desire is to create photos which will tell your couples love story, capture the way they love and exude romance. But how…right?!?!

Here is the truth – practice, experience, creativity and confidence will take the awkwardness away, we promise. And, to get you on the road to creativity + confidence here is one simple tip that can make a huge difference when posing your bride and groom.

Close the Space

When capturing the romantic portraits of your bride and groom be sure to keep them close together. Body language tells a huge part of the story.  So keep and eye out for space between the hips, limp hanging arms and heads too far apart.

Hips – Ask your couple to make sure their hips are touching – allow them to get comfortable with being close. You will notice that as soon as their hips are closer they will naturally wrap their arms around each other. It will also set the stage for them to nuzzle noses or kiss. Groom Bride posing by barnHorn Photography and Design Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Bride Groom Noses Touching

Bride Groom embrace photography posing tips

Hands + ArmsWhat do I do with my hands? You will get this questions so make sure your couples have a place to put their hands. Perhaps direct the groom to place his right hand on her hip and pull her in close or maybe have her left hand gently rest on his chest and they look into each others eyes. And be sure no limbs are just awkwardly handing down.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Heads – Last but not least keep your couples heads closer together. As you can see below the first photo is pretty and a great capture of our couple… however it does not uniquely tell their love story. In the shot right below this we asked them to bring their heads in closer. We left the directions slightly veg for a reason, we wanted them to own it. We could have asked them to go forehead to forehead or to nuzzle noses – but instead we let them choose what it meant to bring their heads closer and the result was gorgeous. Both of them instantly closed their eyes and cuddled in. A warm genuine embrace of love. 

Wedding Photography Embracing Tips

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