May 25, 2017

Achieving The Perfect Ceremony Photos


All of our gorgeous couples, accompanied with their wedding planners and floral designers, spend hours upon hours creatively crafting the perfect ceremony details. Dreams of lovely fresh florals, grand views and luxurious final touches all come together exquisitely on a wedding day, which is why we are so committed to documenting it through brilliant photos to show off all their hard work.

Our couples beautifully crafted stylized ceremony photos always end up in their wedding album and often times get published on national blogs, magazines and featured on stunning websites by the creatives who helped make it all possible.  All the more reason to make sure they are perfect!

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So here are a few tips we use to achieve the perfect ceremony photos.

Document the ceremony space 30 mins before guests arrive
If for some reason documenting the ceremony details before guests arrive is difficult due to harsh sunlight or weather, get with the wedding planner and ask her if it would be possible for you to take ceremony detail shots directly after the wedding for about 15mins (right before family photos).

Nature Stylized Weddings

Capture the mood
Each wedding has a mood – maybe its romantic and rustic like a fairytale dream in the woods or perhaps the mood is more of a soft elegant vintage feel quietly spoken in an old wear-house. Two drastically different feels and as creatives we need to be able to express that mood through what we capture.

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Forest Wedding Arch

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Focus in on the little details
The greatest stories are told by accentuating the smallest details, which is why, when telling our couples love stories we shoot every little detail, even down to the smallest floral petals.

Wedding Details

Wedding Vow Ideas

Pay attention to what is unique
In both of the ceremony details below there are unique pieces to each gorgeous wedding day. For the outdoor wedding, the couple and their creative team chose to set the cake outside for all the arriving guests to see. They also took the woodland theme and accentuated the benches with ferns.
Our other couple chose to do a romantic elopement with just the two of them in an old vintage corner store.  They had the love notes they wrote to each other while dating written out by a calligrapher and placed down the aisle… seriously romantic. They chose to keep the set up simple, elegant and true with gorgeous fresh florals.

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Wedding First Look Surprise

Document the couple’s love in the space (before/after the wedding)
We love getting photos of our couples in the ceremony space without anyone else around. It helps to capture the mood and tell their love story. However, the timing of these photos depends on if we do a first look. We have used the ceremony space as the first look location which ended up being super cute. If a couple chooses not to see each other before the wedding – once the ceremony is done and family photos complete we sneak our couple back to the ceremony location for some private shots. After all, this is the space where they became husband + wife!

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