Always Deliver More Then Your Asked To Deliver

I was recently asked how we get so many word of mouth referrals. Call me “old school” but my motto is, always deliver more then you r asked to deliver.

When I stop to think of my favorite coffee shop, restaurant, bookstore or boutique there is one thing they all have in common… amazing customer service. They all take the time to make me feel welcome and remembered. From the moment I step foot into any one of my favorite spots, they know my name, what I like to buy and how I like to be taken care off. Just walking in puts me in an amazing mood, like I am stoping to visit friends rather then just a store. All these places have delivered more then I asked them to deliver plus invested in me.  Because of the overwhelming feeling of acceptance and friendship I am totally loyal to their brand.

Horn Photography & Design ADMTYATD-001

This too is how Brandon and I have always delivered our brand and photography service. We believe in the small town hospitality even if  your in a big city. Taking care of our clients and truly getting to know them is a true blessing. We strive to always deliver more then they ask us to deliver.  For us going above and beyond to make our clients feel welcomed, invested in and well taken care of is an honor. We find joy in our clients smiles and the way they too except us as friends. I find that investing in people almost always goes both ways, you genuinely invest in them and they likewise will invest in you.

Almost everyday we receive an email from one of our clients that makes me tear up with joy and fills my heart with sincere gratitude. When you invest in people, love and real relationships great things happen.

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