Facebook + Instagram – Respect The Platform

As a business owner I know it can be tempting or even highly suggested that you link your FB and Instagram Accounts to gain a better reach, obtain more followers or to create more of a social media “buzz”. However, for our business we do just the opposite, we find that our clients have a better experience when we keep our social media account separate from each other.  Here is why…

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  • Platform Interactions. Each platform interacts with your followers differently. For example, when you share a photo on Instagram and it links to your FB, the FB platform is not set up to effective use hashtags like Instagram is.
  • Lazy Vibe. Secondly when your FB feed and Instagram are linked it send out the message that your doing it because it is easy, your loose that personal touch.
  • Keeping Interest. When a potential client of ours is using social media to learn more about our business they don’t want to jump from platform to platform to only see the exact same content where ever they go. They want to get to know us, so posting different content on each platform that works well with that particular platform is key.

Although we keep our platforms separate there are a few things we do to keep them unified so when you are on any of our social media platforms you recognize our brand.

  • All our photos are curated the same way to achieve visual connection; same lighting, filters and personality.
  • We keep our profile photo the same across all platforms.
  • Our business statement is also the same across platforms.


I’m not saying to NEVER share the same thing on both Instagram and FB. There are times throughout each week that I will post very similar content on each platform. However, I share them individually and respect the way each platform is created to be used. For instance, on Fb after a shoot I will share a “teaser alert”  which has a very distant feel to it as shown below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 2.17.11 PM

When I share the teaser alert on Instagram I use only one of the images and use hashtags that apply plus tag my clients.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 2.18.36 PM

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