December 13, 2016

Faith + Work = Prosperity


1)Exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil.
2)Employment, as in some form of industry, especially as a means of earning one’s livelihood:

Brandon and I believe in work for two reasons, one because God commanded it and two because of our own humanity, which requires work in order to maintain our livelihood and grow + thrive as individuals. We work out of regard for others, especially for our own family, but also for the society we belong to, the community in which we live, and the whole human family of which we are members. All of us, through our work, have a share in building the future of those who will come after us in the succession of history.
On Human Work (Laborem Exercens. . . )

But this is what we DON’T believe work is…
Working 12-15 hr days, everyday
Working 7 days a week
Working to AVOID family + responsibilities
Working solely to keep us with the “Joneses”
Working without love + Passion

When we work according to the above (what we don’t believe work is), the production of our work comes at the price of fatigue and frustration. It makes us feel overwhelmed, lost and as if we’ll never see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So then how do we succeed?
We put our trust and faith in God because we want our business to be done by His will. I know, your probably thinking we are CRAZY right now for saying this.  And maybe thinking that faith is not going to pay the bills. But I am here to witness that it will, faith + work = prosperity.

Every decision Brandon and I make is based on God’s will and following his teachings. We work hard and do it with great love. We also choose to live with great love. We work to live, not live to work.

For the next 2 weeks we will host a series of post about Faith + Work = Prosperity.  In this series we will share:
* Our personal business stories of how Faith + Work = Prosperity
* How we are able to place more emphasis on family, friends and living an amazing life
* Productivity Tips
* Faith filled work goals for your business that will bring you joy and prosperity at the same time
* How to deal with challenges  – allowing the Holy Spirit to direct and guide you to focus and see success and prosperity with purpose
* How to combat the LIE of – I need more likes on social media to be successful and to succeed
* Measuring your successes without dollar amounts
* No debt is needed to develop and run your business
* Networking to give not to gain

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