December 20, 2016

FREE 8-day Series for Faith + Work = Prosperity


Today after my morning prayer I jumped on FB to read a post I shared 5 years ago. It read:

“So last night as I was drifting off to sleep I was pondering how to obtain wisdom from God. Then I said to Brandon, how cool would it be to be able to use all of our brain, most of us use only about 10%! Think of the things we could do! 

Then I said to Brandon, didn’t St. Padre Pio have the gift of bilocation? He said yes, which I replied, is that real?!!? Just then our bedroom door slammed shut! (True story happened last night ask B.) He flicked on the light so so fast. Quite funny I must say.

Then I said, oh boy God I got it! With your strength anything is possible. So what was in my iBreviary pray book this morning, Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Coincidence, I think not!”

I am elated that 5 years ago I was prompted to share this because today it has come back around at the perfect time. In less then two weeks we will celebrate Christmas followed by New Years and 2017 will rush in. A new year with new adventures, journeys, challenges and opportunities which will require all of us to use faith and WISDOM to navigate.  With this in mind we too are embarking on a new adventure, Brandon and I have decided to heed the missionary call to help other business owners  foster an environment which reflects Gods love both behind the scenes and in the store front.

We will begin with an 8 day series called FAITH + WORK = PROSPERITY
The series will begin on January 3rd 2017 – January 11th with Sunday the 8th off. Each day we will cover a specific topic on our blog (topics listed below). This will then be followed with a FB Live at 2:30pm on the Group Page: FAITH + WORK = PROSPERITY  If you not already a member of the group follow the link and meet us there.

During this series we will cover:

1. How we are able to place more emphasis on family, friends and living an amazing life

2. Productivity Tips

3. Faith filled work goals for your business that will bring you joy and prosperity at the same time

4. How to deal with challenges – allowing the Holy Spirit to direct and guide you to focus and see success and prosperity with purpose

5. How to combat the LIE of – I need more likes on social media to be successful and to succeed

6. Measuring your successes without dollar amounts

7. No debt is needed to develop and run your business

8. Networking to give not to gain


We would love for you to join us! Lets grow in faith + businesses together.

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