How to book shoots when traveling – Photography

It’s the smell of the ocean as it crashes on the beach, it’s the sound of the subway rumbling down the track as it pulls into the station, it’s standing on the mountain top overlooking the gorgeous valley of amazingly colorful flowers below and its taking in the deep breath of exploration – it is Traveling! There is just something about traveling that seeps into your pours, courses through your veins and whispers in your ear, come and see.

Over the years Brandon and I have found ourselves traveling more often and to repeat destinations as our clientele extends. And along the way we have learned how to book additional shoots while traveling to destination weddings.

Here are 3 tips to help…

• Stay connected with clients – For every wedding we shoot we stay connected with our couples. This is important because we often find ourselves shooting destination weddings in familiar locations. When we have the blessing of visiting a destination where we have shot before we contact our past clients (who live in or near that location) tell them we will be in town during X,Y,Z dates and we are taking on lifestyle shoots while we are there. This little message typically results in booking 3-5 additional shoots while traveling.

• We share our travel on social media – about a month before our destination weddings we do a destination shout out on social media offering our photography services in that location during X,Y, Z dates.

• Target Marketing – Also using our social media we will place an ad that is targeted towards our ideal client within our destination location.


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