How to Capture His Getting Ready Photos

On a wedding day Brandon always shoots the guys getting ready… it is so a guys world in “his dressing room”. There are two types of photos that Brandon captures on the wedding day:

1. Getting ready photos of him our Bride will LOVE
2. Getting ready photos of him for Him with his guys

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While the bride is sure to love all the photos taken of her dapper groom getting ready, there will be certain photos she’ll adore more that tell the story of the wedding day.  These include putting on the tie, fastening the cufflinks, putting on the shoes and pinning on of the boutonnière. These photos will most likely make the photo album. After these must-have shots are taken, Brandon captures the more laid-back moments with the guys laughing and having a great time.

To start the guys getting ready photos, we ask that the guys are mostly ready before we arrive. Yes, this includes being showered, bearded or beardless, suit or tux pants on and his dress shirt on (all the groomsmen should be ready as well). This way when Brandon arrives he can dive right into the final detail shots then follow it up with fun, crazy bro time shots. And lest but not least, Brandon encourages the guys to come up with photo ideas to pull out their true personality.

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