January 17, 2020

How To Document Moment Driven Photos – Three Tips


We understand history making experiences through photographs, this could be moments in our own life that we recall as we look at photographs or experiences that happened before we even lived, like our parents wedding day. Photos preserve history for generations to come, but sometimes they also shape history themselves, for example, when a bride bases her dress off the dress her mother or grandmother wore at their weddings. Photographs also invoke emotions, especially if they are moment driven photos rather than just posed photos.

However, documenting moment driven photos is easier said than done so we wanted to share 3 tips to make catching those incredible moments possible!

  1. Cultivate a real relationship with your couples well before their wedding day. Take time to get to know their love story, how they met + how he proposed. Listen to their wedding day vision. Learn about things they like. When it comes to their engagement session have fun with them, chat with them as friends rather than clients. Share yourself with them, let them get to know who you are. All of this creates a real friendship, which on the wedding day translates into two people being very genuine in front of your lens because they are comfortable! You being there is no longer awkward.

2. Give your couples and their guests space. I, Michelle, typically shoot with a 35mm because I give our couples direction. However, Brandon shoots with his 85mm during the first looks and no peeking first prayers. Because of that we both stay a good distance from our couples at the beginning of the first looks, and no peeking first prayers. I tell the larger story during those time with the 35mm and Brandon gets in close with his 85mm without ever having to intrude on the moment by getting too close. During the wedding we both have our telephoto lenses on, this allows us to document moments of both the couple but also of mom or dad tearing up while we are several feet away.

3. Communicate with your couples. Let them know that for the next 5 mins you’re going to step back, you will still be taking photos, but that this time is theirs to focus on each other. Reassure them that they can tune you out and just be themselves. We also reassure our couples that they look absolutely amazing and nothing they do in the next 5 mins can mess that up. They are beautiful and they are enough, even with tears of joy, big bearhugs of excitement or shaking hands of anticipation, it is all good!

These moments are when the story comes to life.

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