February 23, 2016

How To Use FaceBook Better + Creating a Weekly Social Media Base Schedule for Posting


I adore interacting with our past, present and future clients using social media. It gives us the ability to share love, smiles and joy. Brandon and I don’t see our FB, Instagram, and Pinterest as places to go hog-wild marketing our business. We truly view it as a platform to share who we are, what we love and most of all, a place to develop real relationships with amazing people who add so much to our lives. Yes, I said real relationships, it is possible to cultivate a real relationship using social media. Today I am sharing our take on Facebook social media and how we have learned to use it better.

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As our business grows I always keep in the back of my mind the top four reasons we have succeeded:
1. God has allowed it + given us the talent to capture His creation.
2. Amazing people have entrusted us with the biggest moments in their lives.
3. Grateful is the number one thing we strive to be everyday.
4. We have embraced who we are and how we are uniquely created.

I like to carry these four key reasons to our success over to social media. Instead of worrying about selling our business, I take a step back, relax and just share about the wonderful people we work with, who we are and the journey we are on. This journey is going to look different for everyone, and that is the beauty behind it, for if we were all the same this world would be so boring.

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So how do these four key reasons transform into social media post that work for us + create real relationships? 

1. God’s Love
For our business we find it essential to share God’s love. After all, for us, everything we have and do flows from him. With this in mind each week on social media I share a bible  quote, saint quote or quote about love along with a photo. I also share a Happy Sunday post and Glory stories that show how I see God working in our lives.

2. Amazing People + Their Biggest Moments
People make our business work, without them there is no way we could do what we love. Because of this I post about all of these amazing people. I love them through social media. I will share their love stories, achievements and anniversary. I also like to share their knowledge – especial when it comes to our wedding couples. Our couples always have great advice to share for soon-to-be brides and grooms. We also delight in becoming friends on FB with our couples or following them on twitter. This allows us to stay connected and like the little + big things that are happing in their lives. It is so important to us to support our couples well after we have worked with them.

3. Grateful
I use grateful to share a ton of post. I compose a blog post each month about peaks and valleys which highlights the challenges + the oh so good that happens to us along our journey. Grateful also comes into play when we get published on well known blogs or in a magazines, or amazing clients send us words of encouragement,  thank you cards + gifts. We also post about the support we receive from family, friends and each other; because this life is better lived when you have others to share it with.

4. Embracing Who We Are.
This comes through in so many ways. Of corse it plays a role in all the above but it also gives way to personal posts. For example, the Gray Diaries (the journey or growing out my gray hair), sharing personal photography advice (because each photographer is going to shoot and run their business in a unique way), sharing funny things that happen to us in our daily lives, sharing our adventures, openly discussing our weaknesses or doubts and we share links to our favorite magazine articles + blog posts.

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Having all of this floating around in my mind can be overwhelming, therefor over they years I have developed a weekly base schedule for posting on social media. This ensures I am not leaving anyone or anything out. It allows me to stay connect to our clients, consistent with posting, current to our journey and true to who we are.

This is what our base schedule looks like at the moment…


Next week I will share tips oh how to:
*Find your 4 keys to success
*Carry those keys over to social media
*Love your clients via social media

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