May 11, 2018

How We Create A Client Experience Wrapped In Love


Creating a client experience that loves on plus serves our couples and brings joy to their hearts is the most important part of our business.

Create A Client Experience Horn Photography and Design

We are so blessed to receive a lot of emails that start off with “So many people have recommended you to us!”  And honesty we could not do what we love without those referrals. Those referrals mean the world to us! And we mean seriously, the WORLD!! To have all those amazing people out there supporting us and referring us literally humbles us to our knees in prayers of thanksgiving.

So how did we develop that amazing support group and referrals to begin with?

The most essential part of the experience we want anyone to have when they come in contact with us is love, kindness, joy, freedom to be who they authentically are and genuinely comfortable. This holds true whether they are a client, fellow creative, neighbor or complete stranger. Because we see God as our business owner, we have rooted our business in the love He gives to us and wants us to give to others. And to be real, its not always easy, especially if you see someone at the store when you are running in to get allergy medicine with a full on migraine, swollen red itchy eyes and a nose that is running like a garden hose.

But by the Grace of God some how He still makes us appear kind, sweet and loving. And I really mean that! After that scenario happened I thought to myself, I hope I did not come off bad because I feel so horrible right now (basically feeling like death). But then a few weeks later I heard that the person I ran into was telling people how amazingly sweet I was even though it was quite obvious that I was not feeling well at all. But seriously is was all GOD’S GRACE! 

Don’t Stop.

And we don’t stop there. Over the years we have worked very hard to craft a client experience that authentically cultivates a real relationships with our clients. Genuine referrals from our clients have driven our business forward for the past 8 years. We have sincerely had the most phenomenal clients and we continue to work with remarkable souls and hearts.

Create A Client Experience Horn Photography and Design Engagement photo

Tangible ways we deliver a great client experience

  1. Ask questions and actively listen.
    Each client experience starts off with us learning about who they are, what makes their souls come alive and what started their story. As story tellers we need to hear the story first so we can bring it to life though our cameras. We ask questions like, How did y’all meet? and How did he propose?. And as they tell their story we actively listen.
    • We listen to obtain information.
    • We listen to understand.
    • We listen for enjoyment.
    • We listen to learn.
    • We ask questions to clarify the details (we LOVE the details)
  2. Good Bedside Manner
    WHAT!? HEHE I know that may sound silly but it works. Here is what we mean. We are clear when explaining what a shoot or wedding day with us looks like. We send out an Engagement or Portrait Style Guide depending on the shoot so our clients know what to expect the day of the shoot and how to prepare.  One main reason people may feel uncomfortable in front of the camera is because of the unknown. Understanding more about what is involved will take some of the nerves away and make room for free spirited enjoyment.
    Groom Wraps arms around bride's back to Create A Client Experience Horn Photography and Design 3.Encourage them to be authentic + genuine comfortable
    It is so easy to freeze up in front of a camera and we totally get it. We got married 8 years ago and had a photographer taking our photos before we ever became photogs ourselves, so we understand the feeling. Yes, we do some posing but we encourage our clients to feel free to move and enjoy the experience. We let them know that they can’t mess up the shoot. Their happiness, free spirit and joy is what makes the photos stunning. We give them the freedom to move, be comfortable and have fun.
    engagement photo of couple in sun drenched field Fall4. Always Under-Promise & Over-Deliver
    The best part of any experience is getting more then you expected and faster, can I get an AMEN! If we walk into our favorite chocolate shop, Paul Thomas Chocolates, after Sunday Mass and order two delicious truffles but get a bonus truffle for coming in there every Sunday, what happens – WE ARE ECSTATIC! And this has happened to us at Paul Thomas Chocolates. Of course we don’t get a free one every time we go but it does happen pretty often since we are there at least once a week, sometimes twice a week and in the back of our minds we always know that one of the visits will equal a free chocolate. Not to mention everyone there is sweet & kind, plus they remember us. The staff asks us how we are doing, how life is; they know our names and what we do. All of them have nailed down all the above we have talked about and they over-deliver! We are sold for life.

Our Turn Around Time

And this is what we strive to do for our clients. We typically give a 45 day turn around time on our photo galleries, however we always get them done before the end of that 45 days – every time! It could be 2 weeks early, 1 week early or even 3 days early. Either way you have a client who is happy that things are done before they were promised. In order to do this well we give ourselves a buffer. We know for sure during our wedding season when we have 1 -2 weddings per weekend we need 5 weeks to edit. So that is why we say 45 days. This way if we have a week or two during wedding season that everyday is us out shooting (which does happen) giving us no in office time to edit we have a safe buffer.

We hope this helps you deliver a client experience that truly loves and serves your clients well!

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