Measuring your successes without dollar amounts: Faith + Work = Prosperity

In high school I, Brandon, used to referee soccer games of all ages. I was calling an under 6 year old game for the first time and was told that it was nicknamed “herd ball.” I came to find out why once I blew the starting whistle.  Kids ran, walked and skipped EVERYWHERE. No rhythm or rhyme to their movements they seemed to follow the ball around the field like little sheep, hence “herd ball“.  I don’t recall anyone actually scoring the entire 24 minute game. Some parents were yelling at their kids to score and kick it in the goal. Some just cheered their hearts out for their little wanderers. When I walked away from the field I saw some parents celebrating their tie of the 0 point game; they were so filled with joy. They succeeded. While some of the other parents were upset that they didn’t win.

I began to question what the meaning of this whole game was. Was it to score a bunch of goals or was it for the kids to have fun? I determined for some people their success was measured by different things. 
In our business we have measured success by: how much peace we feel when working, the amount of authentic relationships we have created, the amazing moments we have captured for a life time, the amount of time we have to spend with family + friends, the ability to travel, the ability to donate + volunteer our services to charitable organizations,  and the blessing of giving back one Free wedding each year. No dollar amounts measured these successes only smiles, laughs, and tears of joy.
Another little measure of success is the questions we have received from other creatives, entrepreneurs and ministers inquiring about how we founded a business that points to God. 

We all measure success in different ways and with different measurements. In school its measured with numbers, letters and check marks. In sports its scores, goals, touchdowns, baskets, times, distances, etc.  In careers its often measured by dollar amounts and income. But what if we didn’t measure success with the almighty dollar?
Here are some non-traditional ways to measure success for your business.
1. Setting Goals
Not just your normal new years resolution to loose 30 lbs in 30 days but real ones. Did you set any goals for yourself or your business this year?  Without them you can’t determine if you made them or not, just like the little kids playing herd-ball. Set a FEW realistic goals for the year.  If you worked with 30 clients last year set a goal to work with 40 this year. Keep it realistic.
2. Goals Achieved
In ministry one of my simplest goals succeeded was when I knew I could call everyone of my students’ names. Its simple I know… until you have a youth group of over 160 and they are all middle schoolers. I hit my goal most years but as my program grew in numbers I found that very goal harder to score. Make sure that you can look back each year to see if you achieved your goal.
3. Building Relationships
This is becoming far more tough with today’s trend to autonomize everything. But it is in our relationships that we can measure success. Have you created an authentic relationship with your clients? Have you given your clients a true brand experience?  Have your clients witnessed God’s love through you?  Have you built real relationships with your staff? Sometimes this can become difficult as people are not wanting to mix pleasure with business. But we can still go beyond just knowing a coworker’s or clients’ name.
4. How well do you sleep?
Sometimes our most un-successful times in work, play, or just life give us plenty of sleepless nights. This is a tragedy because who doesn’t like their precious ZZZs. When we have more peace, we tend to sleep better. If you find your self sleepless, journal about it.  What is different about this time? What has happened to cause your mind to race? Keeping track of what cause you to loose sleep can help you avoid it all together.
5. Time with loved ones.
This is your spouse, extended family, and/or friends. How much time did you get to spend with the people you love and doing what you love rather than doing the “daily grind”? If you have found time to spend with the ones you love most this is a success. 
6. Remaining Committed
I was raised in a family that we stuck with our decisions.  If we decided to play a sport we would at least finish the season no matter how tough. Being faithful in your commitments to your spouse, your family, your God, your coworkers, your business. Granted, one doesn’t need to stick it out if its just out of pride and vain glory. But knowing that you carried your cross, stuck our the rough times and gave it your all is a true success. 
7. Needs vs. Wants
For both the wealthy and the poor, it can be hard to be content with what we have in life. No matter our financial status, or the hand we have been dealt, it is a success if we can be happy with what we have rather than just longing for more.
8. Giving rather than Receiving
I have heard numerous amounts of volunteers say “I feel like I received more than I actually gave.” For it is in giving that we receive. Our time is one of the few things in this life that we cannot get back and we need to make sure that we use it wisely.
9. Eating some Humble Pie
Failure can tell us a lot about who we really are. It shows us our humanity, frailty, character and whether or not we will persevere. Remember that Edison didn’t figure out the light bulb on the first try. Some would say he even failed the first 1000 times, but he said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
― Thomas A. Edison
10. Defining Success
Everyone will have different definitions of success. We all need to find what will make ours. But we must all keep in mind what is truly important…to love God and to love our Neighbor. “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete” – John 15:11
Once one finds success one must share it with those around them that we all might find such joy. Share that LOVE!!
Today at 2:30 on FB live within the Faith + Work + Prosperity Group we will get more in depth and we would love to hear how you measure your success without dollar amounts. Feel free to post to the group. See you there!
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