One Easy Way To Improve Productivity

Confront the Beast – #1 Productivity Tip!

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How did we improve productivity? The other day we were staring down our to-do list and there it was. A big hairy beast trying to rip through the page and tear our eyes out. We tried all we could to look away and ignore it but the harder we tried the stronger the beast became. Its name was Finances!! 

Obviously as a business owner there is no getting around weekly financial updates and reports – but to be honest crunching numbers + budgets for a few hours is not our favorite. I (Michelle) would rather be at the dentist, listen to nails down a chalk board or read War and Peace. Finances just drive me bonkers – I don’t find it interesting (although I should), I find it painstakingly boring. It slows down my entire day, to the point that I feel as if I have achieved nothing all day. We needed a fix.

Horn Photography and Design Improve Productivity Tip


But trust us, we had lots of failures before this revolution. One day I finally decided we were going to start our day by confronting our beast. And guess what it worked. We confronted our beast first thing in the morning and before lunch the beast was defeated. After lunch I ran through the rest of my to-do list like a champ and so did Brandon. We felt soooo GOOD! So from that day on we have tackled our to-do list by confronting our beasts first, in turn you can improve productivity.


What are your beasts?!?!

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