January 23, 2016

Organic Wedding Day Photography + Organic Relationships

Organic, probably the would I use the most in my everyday… and now the word my husband uses the most as well. The “Organic Force” is strong when our two creative brains come together;)  Basically our entire life revolves around organic everything from what we eat and what we cook it in, to our toothpaste, brandon’s beard oil and my makeup. Pretty much everything. So for us we naturally take “Organic” into our photography as well.

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Organic by definition of Merriam-Webster means: not artificial: of, relating to, or obtained from living things

This is exactly how we translate Organic into our photography. Our main objective on the wedding day is to tell our couples love story. And we believe that each story is unique and beautiful, just like they are. We adore when our couples are comfortable in front of our lenses and laughter, smiles, kisses and playfulness comes effortlessly – NOT fake or forced.

So how do we achieve this? Well the answer to this is actually quite elaborate but, for the sake of our blog readers, I will try to keep it short and sweet. It all comes to creating real relationships with our couples.  Once this relationship develops we feel like old friends by the time your wedding day comes, old friends you can trust, count on and lean on.

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A few ways we build this relationship are:
*Sharing with you our story – how we got into photography and why we love it. (we always share first to break the ice so you feel more comfortable)
*We share with you our passions + our dreams and how you are apart of it all.
*We listen to your love story of how you met
*We listen to your proposal
*We listen to your plans + vision for your wedding day
*We observe how you interact as a couple and what makes you smile at each other.
*We dive into what makes your hearts laugh, dream and connect.
*We always make sure we are all on the same style page.
*And the day of the wedding we are right by your side every step of the way, not only to capture your day, but to be someone to lean on throughout your day.

Yes, a real relationship with our couples is the true secret to our photos. I am proud to say that everyone of our couples, since the day we started our business 6 years ago, has felt extremely comfortable in front of our lenses. We have laughed with them, joked with them, been there to fix hair, touch up makeup, style the dress, put on boutonnière, tie shoes, pick burs out of bare sandy feet, calm panic attacks, fix bouquets and even stop fire ant attacks. It is this real Organic Relationship that helps us to capture Organic Photos that express the true love between two souls.

For info + tips on how we pose a couple on their wedding day see: HOW WE POSE A COUPLE AT A WEDDING


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