Our Jobs Don’t Define Who We Are or What We Do

“What do you do?” I have heard this question more times then I can count, as I am sure many of you have too. I have also asked this question to others more times then I want to admit. It’s a quick easy conversation starter. And so often I catch myself answering the question with, “I am a photographer” and other people will respond to the question with “I am a teacher” or “I am an accountant”.  Most of us defining what we do by our occupation.

BUT… what if I answered the question with what I like to do in my free time, for instance,”I  travel” or “I hike and garden”. What a brilliant glimpse into what makes me come alive. I am so much more then my occupation. You are too!

Horn Photo & Design J+K-0520

I am:
* a daughter
* the wife of Brandon Horn
* a mother
* the youngest sister
* a friend
* a dog lover
* a dreamer
* a paddle boarder
* a hiker
* a foodie
* an adventurer
* an artist
* a creative
* an entrepreneur
* a business owner
* a photographer

I placed photographer last because in reality it makes up only a part of what I do and who I am. But to be honest, I have a tendency to put it first, to put it at the core. As a result of this a plethera of booking tells me I am doing great, but a slow summer makes me panic or if  publishers take every submission I send their way I feel as though I am in heaven but if other photos don’t get selected I begin to wonder if I have lost my creative eye. Just plain silly because ups and downs are a part of life and most certainly apart of owning your own business. So I have to fight against the urge to engulf myself in work.

Because the world tells us that we are defined by our jobs we hear about so many horrific things happening when someone receives a pay-cut or looses their job. Hence the term “going postal“… if you know what I mean. We have let our jobs define our value and sense of who we are. By placing our identity and so much importance on our jobs we can totally miss-out on discovering amazing potential we all have.

So how do I manage all of this in my life?  How do I make sure that my work does not define me?
I hold one definition of who I am very close to my heart – the daughter of God. I personally let my love for God define every aspect of my life.
* I let Him guide me.
* I stay faithful.
* I strive to stay positive.
* I walk in the pace of Christ.
For me this brings balance, well-being, peace, patients, richness and fullness. It gives me the perspective I need to view the world and who I am in it.

There is so much more to all of us then our jobs. Take the journey of discovering what defines you, maybe start with a list and let yourself dream out-loud.

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