February 21, 2017

Photography: A Windy Wedding Day

Nature loves to throw in the unexpected twist every now and then, like say 20 – 30 mile per hr. wind gust on a perfectly exquisite wedding day. And it may happen on your wedding day when your dreaming of  gorgeously styled hair, your stunning wedding gown effortlessly flowing behind you and your very dapper groom looking phenomenal. You can picture every aspect of your day.. but you did not picture it with CRAZY WIND blowing hair and dresses everywhere.

Have no fear Brandon and I LOVE working with the wind, and to be honest wind happens all the time. And guess what, it can make your photos even more epic! Here is a few tips and tricks we use on a windy wedding day.

Hair: Your hair can still look amazing even when it’s being tussled in the wind. We approach the wind in two different ways.

• First we will attack the wind by making sure it is blowing towards our brides beautiful face, this way her hair flows away from her face and looks amazing, kinda like an Herbal Essence Commercial (sorry for sounding corny, it was the first thing I thought of;).

• Secondly, we flip the switch and let the wind stylize a gorgeous photo using your hair to create dramatic movement. This may sound a bit scary but the results are to die for.

The Dress: There is something about a gorgeous gown blowing in the wind that is so romantic! And if your wedding day is windy we can take advantage of it when it comes to both your dress and your veil.

•A little trick is asking our brides to hold their dress as the wind catch is it and swirls it up in the wind or have her face into the wind so her dress will flow behind effortlessly.

• It is always fun to play with the veil in the wind, almost like we do with the hair. We like to let the veil with trail behind and catch the wind as our bride walks with her groom or use it to create a very romantic moment that is unforgettable.

Keep Moving: Last but not least we keep our couples moving. Typically our grooms have shorter hair then our brides, and since his hair blowing tends to be less of an issue we use him as a wind shield. We like to think of it as the groom being the night in shining armer there to defend and protect his beautiful bride. So when a big gust of wind comes out of no-where we will have him cuddle in and shield her, once the wind stops we will then move back into more carefree easy movement.

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