June 23, 2018

Photography Business Life and Balance


Finding time to run a successful business while living your best life is all about balance.

Business Life and Balance

Brandon and I typically post a lot of everyday activity on our Instagram story. Our day may start off with a morning workout followed by a huge yummy breakfast outside on the porch. Follow up that with a few hours of connecting with clients, editing photos, preparing social media posts and balancing finances. By mid afternoon we break for lunch, squeeze in an hour of home remodeling and then back to working till about 6pm. It’s a long day filled with doing the things we love. For us it’s just our life.

Business Life and Balance

BUT… we are constantly getting comments, dms and emails asking how we do so much in one day. Or “how did you get that home project finished and still have time to shoot, edit and post 5 weddings this past month?!” Or, “I can’t believe y’all just moved in your home in November and have done so much already, where do you find the time?”

So in lieu of this we have decided to do a three part series on Business Life and Balance.

… Part 1 – Get rid of that “TO-DO List” it is Hurting You More Then Helping You

… Part 2 – Creative Thinking

… Part 3 – Healthy Multi- tasking

The series will begin next week and we are so excited to share the amazing tip and ticks that have helped us to balance work and life!

Business Life and Balance how to tips Horn Photography and Design

Read the first Business Life and Balance post here:

Photography Business, life + Balance: Why Your “To DO” list is hurting you

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