February 27, 2020

PHOTOGRAPHY TIP: Stealth + Reverent


Being up front during the Ceremony can be a great place to capture intimate images of the couple exchanging vows, rings, kisses etc. However, we never want to be a distraction, it looks horribly unprofessional, tacky and totally irreverent especially if the wedding is in a church or place of worship. 

I’m like where is Waldo in this photo!

So we keep our movements to a minimum to ensure the attention is on the couple getting married (not on us). The best compliment we receive is, “how did you get this amazing photo… we never saw you during the ceremony!” That is the goal, to be stealth like a ninja. 

During all of our ceremonies Brandon is knelling up front as the bride walks in, then he either sits in the congregation upfront (so no one sees him) or he hides on the side aisle. This angle gives a unique perspective on the Ceremony. At the same time, it allows you to capture the emotional reactions of both the groom and the wedding guests. Meanwhile I shoot from behind the last row of guest with my 70-200mm. This way I can move freely and quietly without the guest ever seeing me.

*Bonus Tip: Put your shutter mode on silent during the ceremony.

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