February 14, 2019

Photography Tip: What is Included?


Sharing What is Included

Sharing with your couples what is included in their wedding collection from your very first meeting is so vital to creating a beautiful working + authentic client relationship. We know how important it is for our couples to make a well informed decision when it comes to their wedding day. We provide them with full knowledge of what we offer and we run through their full contract in person before they sign.  While a big bonus of this is it eliminates misunderstandings as well as disputes over what was agreed upon, executed and delivered. Because we take the time to share and communicate well with our couples, 99.9% of the time they are 120% satisfied + beyond happy with their experience and final delivery.

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Lots of Questions

AND… when your couples have a lot of questions that is a VERY GOOD THING! Don’t get frustrated with questions. Questions mean they are authentically interested in what you have to offer them. This answers what is included. Questions are a HUGE POSITIVE and gives you the opportunity to create that authentic relationship with your clients.

Things that should be communicated clearly to your clients about what is included:

  1. Who is shooting their wedding – you or another photographer under you
  2. How many photographers will be present – single shooter or two shooters
  3. How many hours you will shoot on the day
  4. What you do if something unexpected happens during the wedding and puts things off schedule
  5. A sample day photographic timeline
  6. The number of edited images they will receive
  7. Whether or not you include all photos taken on the day
  8. How you deliver the photos
  9. How long it will take till they  receive their full gallery of photos
  10. If all the images are high resolution
  11. Do the collections include an engagement session
  12. Do the collections include an album
  13. What does the album look like inside and out – they should be able to see one in person
  14. Whether there are any travel cost involved

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Sharing all of this with your couples from day 1 gives them the power to make a well informed happy decision. We are here to serve couples, to take the best care of them possible on one of the best days of their lives. They deserve to know exactly what to expect. It is through communication we gain their trust. When you have your couples trust you are then able to document the truest part of their soul. You can then produce photos that are amazing. Loving and serving others well opens the door to doing and providing your couples with the best work and experience ever.

It is also deeply moving for a creative to sit with a client who 120% beyond happy.


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