July 1, 2015



POPPYCOCK!… is sometimes all that comes to mind as a sit back in my chair while crossing my arms and biting on my thumb nail. It hurts my heart and brings me great embarrassment to see how some photographers speak to each other on social media. Especially when it comes to an experienced photographer belittling or complaining about new/amateur  photographers.

I personally believe we all have a bumpy first start to our creative journeys. Part of learning is walking the journey with all its ups, downs and curves.  As experienced professional photographers it is our duty to lift up new/amateur photographers; to teach with kindness, tenderness, wisdom and patients. Complaining and putting others down only makes “the complainer” look bad.

For all those out there who are beginning to walk their creative path take heart, there are professional creatives out there who will support  you and help you along the path.

If you ever see a nasty complaint or belittling of new/amateur photogs and it gets you down remember this…
*you are enough.
*I will repeat that so it soaks in – you are enough!
*carve your own path.
*asking for help makes you stronger.
*stay true to yourself.
*love yourself.
*love your clients.
*put your love into your work.
*master your craft with practice and the willingness to always learn new things.
*stay humble.
*and know that falling down is not failing if you get back up, you can only fail if you stop trying.

Love Michelle + Brandon Horn<3

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