January 3, 2020

Professional Photographers Dress Code


We know, this should totally go with out saying but unfortunately from what we have seen in the industry it needs to be revisited. 

On several occasions Brandon and I have seen fellow photogs wearing ripped black pants, jeans or an inappropriate skin tight dress to the weddings they are shooting.

And honestly… it’s not a good look boo.

We wholeheartedly understand artistic vibes and wanting to express self though apparel, but if you’re not carful your arrayed may be giving off a vibe you did not want. Ripped black pants, jeans or an inappropriate skin tight dress at a wedding gives off the vibe of cheep, lazy, unprofessional, inexperienced and under qualified. All things that won’t represent your brand well. 

At every wedding I where either a professional dress, skirt + dressy top or dress pants and a dressy top depending on the weather + location. And I always have on a pair of Tieks ballet flats dress shoes because they are incredibly comfortable. Brandon wears a three piece suit or his formal Kilt with a vest and jacket (obviously still expressing who he is as an artist though and through while keeping it classy). Its basically a three piece suit with a Kilt, very formal and our clients LOVE it! 

When we are shooting the engagements session or a lifestyle session we take the time to dress “Friday casual”. I still typically where a skirt and flats and Brandon will wear a dressy pair of jeans and a button down dress shirt.

What you wear says so much about your business. When you dress professional it shows your clients and others that your experienced + provide a high quality service with sophistication and expertise. It also shows that you love what you do and put a priority on taking care of your business and your clients. 

We do have one exception: when we hike for an adventure session we were clothing appropriate for hiking and the weather conditions and we let our couples know that in advance.

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