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We are absolutely delighted and honored to have just joined up with a new community called Spoken Bride. The community will be launching this month!! Today we received a super sweet thank you for jumping in to be one of their vendors. I say super sweet for so many reasons…

Horn Photography & Design Racand

One. Because they took the time to hand write a real thank you note and send it in the mail, be still my heart, real personal connections still exist. Investing in others brings me great joy as it reflects the heart of our Creator who invests in us. Also, I am a huge fan of snail mail – a personal note goes a LONG way.

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Two. Because they included a little thank you gift of a Bright Ideas note pad + a Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Caramel With Black Sea Salt Bar… I mean come on you can’t get better then that, they totally nailed my favorite chocolate bar!

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Three. By far the most important part of the personalize thank you gift was the quote by Saint Mother Teresa, “God has not called me to be successful, he has called me to be faithful.”  So true this is and exactly what I need to hear each day so this will be hanging on my office wall right above my computer.

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What is SPOKEN BRIDE all about…

“Have you fallen in love? This community is for you. But it’s not just any love we’re talking about. The Spoken Bride is a romantic–alight with anticipation for her wedding day, but she knows the foremost romance in life is a divine one. It shapes her entire identity: she knows she is worthy, beautiful, dignified, simply because she is. She is a fiancée, best friend, sister, bride, and helpmate to heaven. Beauty pierces her heart and draws her into the sacred. She wants not only her wedding, but her marriage to reflect this in every way: through awe-inspiring liturgy, decor, and photographs, each infused, above all, with the radiant beauty only made manifest in sincere holiness. No matter her past, she has a love for all that is pure. She desires nothing more or less than to make a complete gift of herself. She chases fearlessly after virtue, knowing excellence is the path to true freedom, and freedom is for love. Deeply, profoundly, she is in love.

We’re here to spark something. To showcase wedding inspiration that fixes our eyes on the beauty of the Creator. To offer a resource for finding vendors who not only have a wealth of talent for their craft, but who are on fire for the sacrament of marriage. To help you plan for the biggest day of your life, yes, but also for a lifetime; a marriage free, faithful, total, and fruitful in every sense. To be a witness, galvanizing the culture with the goodness, truth, and beauty of Catholic marriage. We’re here for you, in community and sisterhood, and we are ultimately here to walk alongside you in living out authentic love between man and wife. The kind of love that makes people stop and take notice. The kind that’s set apart because it transcends this world.”

Here is the link to check out this amazing community! http://www.spokenbride.com

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Oh and I just had to add in this picture, because anytime I pick up the camera Tampa feels like she too needs to be in the photo. #mostphotogenicdogever

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