Taking Breaks Is Vital

Weeks sometimes even months fly by as wild unabashed blurs of beautiful people, amazing locations, epic love stories and grand elegant parties take place. Which by all means is fantabulously AMAZING and beyond fun! We absolutely adore what we do for a living and could not imagine ourselves doing any thing else.

BUT… even with LOVELOVELOVEING what we do we still need to take breaks. It is so vital to our  minds, bodies, spirits and creative souls. Time off rejuvenates us and makes us even better at what we do.

A fast paced life can really kick you in the butt if you don’t keep it under control.. can I get an AMEN! About 2 years ago, I (Michelle) ended up in the hospital getting and Iron transfusion that took about 6hrs. The entire time I was thinking to myself where did I go wrong. We eat extremely well, exercise and get plenty of sleep… how is this happening to me?!

Stress. Stress can manifest itself in so many ways. And here is the thing – stress does not always come from negative things. I love what we do but the stress on my body of traveling, always being “on”, over-thinking everything constantly  and being on my feet for 10-12 hour days was taking it’s toll. I simply needed to find ways to fully de-stress my body. And so did Brandon.

So from that time on we decided to actually schedule in little breaks every few weeks to just be. Time to rest. And twice a year we go on a vacation. These breaks have been so good for our health. Relaxing and getting away from our worries — both personal and professional — has regulated my iron and improved both our personal and business relationship as husband + wife team. Lowering your stress can also lower the risk of heart disease and chronic illness caused by stress.

Truth Bomb
You deserve to take breaks – and more than just two weeks once a year. 3-4 days off every couple of months can make you feel AMAZING and improve both your health and productivity,  make you even better at what you do. So tell that guilt trip (we all feed ourselves)  to hit the road. Breaks will make you BETTER!


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