The Groom is just as important on the wedding day

When Brandon and I stood in front of the sanctuary at our church before 200 family members + friends professing our deep love for each other through Christ we did it together.  We planned the entire day together, every little detail… our ceremony readings, music, wedding colors, the cake, flowers, aisle runner, guest favors, you name it we tackled it together. I loved it!  I could not have imagine doing it without him. His input was just as vital as mine to our wedding day.

It was this beautiful experience of our own wedding that has tough us how to truly take care of + love our clients. So often in the industry we hear the words, “the bride has the final say” or “the bride is your main client”. However, Brandon and I don’t follow that train of thought. To us the groom is just as important on the wedding day as the bride.

To ensure the groom is well taken care of here are just a few things we do…

Horn Photography & Design Karjoe-495 1. Ask The Groom – During our consultations we like to hear our couples love story. We ask the bride how they met and then ask the groom how he proposed. This helps set the tone so the groom knows that we value his input and his vision of their love story.

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2. Text Our Grooms – We text both the bride and groom the morning of their wedding to say, “Happy Wedding Day! This is the start to y’alls beautiful life together and we are so stoked to be capturing it for you.” 

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3. Grooms Getting Ready Photos – We ask the groom to not get dressed until Brandon arrives to his room on the wedding day. Once Brandon arrives he walks the groom through the getting ready photos. This allows us to capture the grooms true emotions on the wedding day before he says “I Do”. One of the many perks of having a husband and wife photography team, we split up to do capture both getting ready photos at the same time.

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4. Man’s Man – Brandon is a mans man, he is great at joking around with the guys. He puts forth a lot of effort to make sure the groom feels comfortable in front of his camera.

5. One-for-One Coverage – During the first look and the romantic shots we shoot our couples as just that – a couple in love. If we take a close up of the bride, it is followed by a close up of the groom. We then take photos that focus mainly on the groom, followed by photos that focus mainly on the bride and finish with photos focusing on the two of them. In other words, we don’t treat the groom as a “prop“. We focus on our bride and groom equally, in turn producing photos that everyone ends up adoring.

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6. Groom Portraits – We have time in the wedding day set aside for the grooms portraits. Just him, looking strong, sophisticated and polished.

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7. Compliment The Groom – Throughout the day you will hear everyone telling the bride how beautiful she is, and yes, the bride is absolutely radiant on her wedding day. But, Brandon and I always  tell our grooms how handsome, dapper and  suave they look throughout the day as well.

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8. Grooms Emotions Durring The Wedding – The way a groom looks at his bride on the wedding day it so amazing. His love is so strong, selfless and passionate. It is an absolute must for us to capture the grooms expression when he sees his bride walk down the aisle, the way he looks at her during the vows, his emotion as he places the ring on his brides finger and the endless smiles on his face after their first kiss as husband + wife.

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