April 26, 2016

7 Tips For Getting Your Photography Published


I can remember the feelings we had the first time we ever got published, it was like winning the lottery! Our stomachs were full of butterflies, we were running around the house dancing, the birds outside were chirping and the sun was shining bright. We were on cloud nine. And I have to say, to this day we still get that exact same feeling every time we are published. We never take it for granted and it never gets old. To be published is a true honor and great blessing.

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I’m the kind of person who loves when other people get the chance to experience good feelings too… when something good happens to me I want that good to happen to others as well. This leads me to share a few tips on getting your work published.

  1. Select the publication that best fits your photography style
  2. Submit 100-150 of your best photos from the event you wish to have published
  3. Include a lot of detail shots from the shoot
  4. Be sure to have a detailed write up about of the shoot and any vendors that contributed to the shoot
  5. Once you submit have patients (good things come to those who wait)
  6. If you don’t get into your first publisher try again with another publisher (keep trying)
  7. DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL – this one is huge! If you are declined for a submission don’t take it personally. It does not mean your work stinks, it means it is not what they were looking for at the moment.

Most publications will have a specific theme, color or style they want to feature depending on the season. With this in mind, our submission may be absolutely gorgeous but is declined because it does not fit what they have in mind at that time. It’s ok don’t get down on yourself. Simply thank them for taking the time to review your work and move on to the next publisher.

I hope this helps – Keep you head up – YOU GOT THIS!!!!

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