5 Unusual + Important Questions to Ask Your Venue Before Booking

We absolutely LOVE gorgeous venues, and even more then the gorgeous venue we LOVELOVE LOVE  seeing how our brides transform the space to make it incredibly unique for their love story.

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Ok… so let me be specific here, were not talking about bringing in a ton of decorations or overdoing the details because most gorgeous venues look best when the additional decorations are kept minimal. But having the ability to bring in one unique piece for the wedding can add warmth + a personal touch. Examples of this would be: a luxe reception lounge with beautiful cozy furniture to match your wedding theme, a bubbly custom champagne bar for guest to get creative with, or a fun fresh first-dance confetti drop to name a few. However, if you are  wanting to do any of these fun, creative and unique additions to your fabulous wedding day, talking it threw with you venue is a must. Especially if you want your dream come true to be flawless and look amazing. In addition to talking threw your ideas with your venue in advance, here are a few questions  that can make a huge difference:

Are there any changes planned for the building before the wedding (renovations, painting etc)? Knowing this in advance can save you from having to change the floor plan or table arrangements at the last minute or worst having your wedding colors clash with the new paint job.

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• What does the venue look like at the time of year you plan to marry? Each season venues see changes in both the lighting and foliage on their grounds. You may visit your venue during the spring when all the flowers are blooming + full of life with ample shade beautifully located under the oak tree where you want to have your wedding. However, your wedding is happing in the fall when the flowers have disappeared leaving behind big beautiful green bushes and an oak tree with shade now on the opposite side, along with gold, red and orange leaves eforlssly gliding to the ground like heavenly kisses as the breeze blows. Both seasons are equally beautiful but totally different in look and feel. It’s a good idea to see photos of what your wedding space will look like at the time of year you plan on saying “I Do” (especially if its outdoors).

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• Is there an option for dinner the night before or a BBQ the day after?
This is a fun question to ask because if you are bringing in a luxe reception lounge it can be nice to use it for more then one day. Using the space before or after your wedding day can add in a unique cozy and regal feel.

• Will there be a room for the bridal party to hangout in, relax and have a quick snack before the grand entrance to the reception? Most times our couples opt for 30 min of romantic photos following the family portraits + wedding party photos. During this time it is great to have a space for your wedding party to hangout together, grab a snack and just relax. Once your romantic photos are complete you both can join your wedding party in the room set aside with the goodies and laughter. And a huge plus is, the entire wedding party is kept in the same space and ready to go for the grand entrance.

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• Are there reliable taxi companies in the area? Obviously no one ever wants to wake up the day after their amazing wedding to find out that someone got in an accident on their way home (even if its just a little fender bender) . So… why not contact the local taxi company near to the venue and let them know the time your wedding is ending and ask them to send a few cars over to be ready for any guest who need them. You can also incorporate the taxi contact info into your wedding favors in a very cute way.

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