March 22, 2017

Should I Do An Engagement Session + Why is and engagement session important?


Capturing your love story, in its entirety, is paramount both NOW + IN THE FUTURE.

Gaze into the future with me for just a moment…

A sliver of time. A super small, itty bitty grain of sand, sliver of time filled with immense ever growing love which changes the entire corse of your life forever.  So small, because really, compared to your entire life a few months or just a few years is gone in a flash. But, what happened in this time has vast and epic effect on your lives.

Because during this little sliver of time, you found someone. And they found you. Your heart skipped a beat as his fingertips met yours for the very first time.  His voice sounded sweeter then chocolate and the way he looked at you melted your heart instantaneously. You fell in love. And he fell in love with you.

You both chose to embark on an adventurous journey together, hand in hand + heart in heart. A journey that can even bring new life into this beautiful world of ours. It is this choice which has a ripple effect which casts over mountains, across oceans and through valleys and effects everyone from that day forward. And as time dances by with grace and elegance the children you lovingly nurture together, will affect everyone in the future, for generation and generation until the end of time. Generations who will love, sacrifice, create, grow, help, embrace, teach, and impact the world around them.

In that sliver of time you will have changed the world forever. This my darling is why your engagement shoot is so important. In that moment that you said yes to marrying the man of your dreams you have changed the future.

Photos are meant for so much more then just today, they are beloved memories that will bring you joy over and over again for years to come. For your children and your children’s children they are magical windows which take them back in time and give them a peek into who you were and how they came to be. Imagine being able to share a photo with your grandchildren (with a little tear of joy in your eye) saying, “Oh, my darlings, this is me with your grandfather when we were young, this was the beginning of our love story.”

Lets look at how they affect THE NOW…

1- You Get To Know Us  (It lets us bond Boo!)
The engagement session is the perfect opportunity to spend some time with us before the wedding day, it allows you to get comfortable in front of our lenses, you will know what to expect on your wedding day and best of all you will feel like friends are shooting your wedding not strangers. A freeing level of comfort and trust develops during the shoot, which is so imperative, since we will be the one wedding professional whom is around you your entire wedding day. In addition to an authentic relationship cultivated, the shoot also provides you with gorgeous images to use for save-the-dates, wedding website, or wedding day display. A big bonus is that we get to observe and take in how you and your fiancé love one another. Who grabs who’s hand when y’all are nervous, who initiates playfulness, who makes who laugh with little whispers, who kisses first… All of these little authentic “love gestures” (that only you share as a couple) help us to better understand how to capture your genuine love story and direct you two into natural, flattering, and authentic poses. These sessions are typically 1.5hrs – 2hrs long, however there is no pressure to make the perfect shots happen in a short amount of time like there is on the wedding day.

2- Cozy + Comfortable In Front Of Our Cameras
Spending a fun playful 90 mins or so in front of our cameras helps relieve jitters and prevents stiff or uncomfortable looking photos on your wedding day. The days of the jeans and white t-shirts on the beach – freeze in a pose and smile is long gone. No offense to jeans and white t-shirts! When we first meet a couple, during a wedding consultation, one of the first questions about an engagement shoot is “Okay, what do we do, how do we pose, what do I do with my hands?” We get it, how often does anyone have professional photos taken, right? And selfies don’t count Boo. So it’s natural to have a feeling of uncertainty in the beginning. When Brandon and I  begin an engagement session, we talk our couples through what to expect bringing a sense of peace and freedom to the shoot. And while it may take a few minutes to get into the swing of things, we always get to the point where organic natural moments begin to unfold and their truest personalities come alive! This time to connect on a more personal level can really save valuable time on the wedding day. Your wedding photography is an investment in a lifetime of memories. Your ability to relive those moments from the wedding day is most likely what you expect from us and that’s understandable, so ensuring you are comfortable in front of the camera will add value to your experience in the long run.

3- A Hair and Make-Up Trial
Let’s level for a second my darling. Selecting the wedding professional who is going to do your hair and makeup on your wedding day is a BIG DEAL! Goodness do I get it!  Not something you want to go into blindly. For this reason most of our brides have their hair and/or make-up trial scheduled for the same day as their engagement shoot. Combining this trial with the engagement session is the perfect opportunity to see how you are going to look on camera on the wedding day (minus the gown of corse). And girl let me tell ya, when you come to your session with your hair + makeup on point you feel AMAZING, not only about how you look but also about how everything is coming together.  You will have a better understanding of what adjustments, if any, need to be made for your wedding day. And if your anything like me and typically wear little to no make-up daily – you may feel overwhelmed about the finished look.  But… having worked with several brides who are like me and don’t wear makeup daily they are almost always over joyed with the decision to do a test run for the engagement shoot.

4- Creativity Abounds
Picture yourself doing something that you love with your fiancé  – maybe its hiking up a mountain to a gorgeous overlook, playfully jumping from rock to rock in front of a huge water fall, enjoying a tasty coffee and warm conversation at your favorite coffee shop or lounging in a hammock at the park together with a few good books – the possibilities are endless. Now picture all of that documented to look back on for years to come. We creatively help you to stylize a session that focuses on what makes your love story genuine. Key creative moments we look at to stylize your shoot include: how you met, your first date, how he proposed, things you love to do together, and even the location where you met. There are so many things that you can incorporate into your engagement session to make it fun and unique!


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