January 24, 2020

Photo + Film Teams – Why Hiring Photography + Videography From The Same Company is Important


A few year ago we decided to grow our business and add in Ben, our videographer, to our team. And WOW it has been such a huge blessing! Not only is Ben an awesome human being and fun to work with he also shares our same vision and style, which is huge when it comes to telling a couples love story.

Why Hiring Photography + Videography From The Same Company is Important from Horn Photography & Design on Vimeo.

In the wedding industry, it can sometimes be tricky to work with a videographer you just met for the first time on someones wedding day. We have heard nightmare stores from both side, thing like:

  1. “The photographers documented all the detail photos without including me!”
  2. “The videographer stood in the center aisle the entire wedding ruining so many wedding photos!”
  3. “The photographer kept walking in front of my video camera all day!”
  4. “The film team keeps interrupting all the private romantic photos with the couple!”

Because we work as a photo + film team we can totally understand both sides. However, our couples happiness on their wedding is the only thing that matters, so teaming up solved all those potential issues, not only for us but also for our couples.

Choosing a photo and film team is often the better choice for so many reasons including:

1. The Common Shared Vision and Style

Choosing photography and videography team ensures a consistent style and quality throughout all your images and film. Additionally, you’ll experience a shared vision among you (the client), the photo team, and the video team. So if you happen to hate a specific pose, the entire team will share that vision and knowledge. The entire team will know what your love and what you desired outcome is all with one easy consultation.

2. Great Communication, Workflow & Positioning

As a team we have experience working with one another fro several year now, which allows us to anticipate each other’s positioning, style, and needs. This results is fewer shots “ruined” by one team obstructing the angle of the other. For instance…

First Dance: Our film teams know that our photo teams want a few wide-angle shots of the first dance before moving on to close-up and medium crops. So cinema stays off of the dance floor for the first 15 seconds, allowing our photo team to get what they need before moving in for cinematic actions shots closer to the couple.

Couples Romantic Session : There are certain shots during couples session that we know both photo and film need. One example is a fun and casual walking shot which help to move the wedding day story along. When this happens, both teams are there to effective communicate and walk our couples though the experience to produce a very intimate and true to the soul moments.

Emotional Messages: During the getting ready part of a wedding day, our film team records emotional and moving messages from the bride to the groom and vice versa. These beautiful moments require a silent room and personal space for our couples. Being aware of our couples needs and our filmmakers needs, we work up a timeline which gives our bride and groom the quiet personal time they need to record these messages in a silent room. Messages that will be ever endearing for a lifetime to come.

3. Shared Incentives and Accountability

As a team we align our priorities with yours and we share the incentive to create the best possible COMBINED product. This leads to both teams being more willing to share time, communicate, and coordinate.

Hiring the same company also makes one company 100% accountable for the final results, so your separate creative teams can’t blame each other for missed shots, ruined shots, bad communication and other potential issues.

4. One Contract & Admin for a combined Photography and Film Collection

Using the same company for both photography and film will save you time in the booking process. We set up one consultation which addresses both photo + film and we have one contract for you to sign. Everything you share with us is shared with the team, we are all on the same page at all times which makes your planning schedule so much less stressful. And alleviates any worry of miss communication between separate creatives.

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