Yesterday we received exciting news that Hannah + Tyler’s wedding was published… EEEK!! Their wedding was gorgeous and we are beyond delighted for them. Sooooo, this seems to me to be a great time to share with y’all Hannah’s wedding advice. We reached out to her a few weeks back and this is what she said:

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The one piece of advice I would offer another bride on her upcoming wedding is to create a timeline for the weekend. If you have events going on leading up to the wedding like a bachelorette party, bridal luncheon, and rehearsal dinner, it is helpful to write it out and send it to the bridal party and family members. In my timeline for the weekend I included times for the events leading up to the wedding and a complete hourly timeline for the day of the wedding. I also included a packing list, which is super helpful for bridal party members coming from out of town. I sent this packing list and timeline to my bridal party about a week before the wedding. I know it was helpful for me and for everyone who needed that information. It’s a great way to help you and everyone feel organized, prepared, and stress-free!!

Thanks for asking me to do this!”
– Hannah

And I have to be super honest, all the time Hannah put into her wedding made a huge difference. Hannah was so calm, poised and relaxed on her wedding day and so were all her bridesmaids + family. Now we all know why, I hope this amazing tip helps y’all out with your wedding day!   More photos from there fabulous wedding… GORGEOUS + ELEGANT + BREATHTAKING WEDDING ON THE GULF… HANNAH & TYLER

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