February 11, 2016


Talk about an amazing, SWANKY, one of a kind backyard wedding on the ocean.

Swanky… synonyms – stylish, chic, smart, fashionable. All words that describe Julia + John to the T. I would also add in generous, warm, welcoming, passionate, romantic, and full of life. A true match of kindred souls. A beautiful orchestrated dance of two loves uniting as one. Their wedding was amazing. So I sent Julia the question…What would the one piece of advice you can offer to anther Bride-to-be for her upcoming wedding day? 

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The one piece of advice I can offer another Bride-to-be for her upcoming wedding day is... take up friends and family on their offers to help! As a bride who pretty much planned and executed every detail of my wedding, I often thought it was easier to get things done alone rather than explain and delegate to anyone who offered to help. When I did let go and trust those who love me to handle details it made everything so much easier and I could stop and appreciate what I was actually doing all the planning for! Whether it was planning beforehand or executing those plans the day-of, everything worked out beautifully and I was able to concentrate on marrying the man of my dreams!

More photos from there fabulous wedding…SWANKY WEDDING + BREAKING OCEAN WAVES

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