Real Wedding Advice From Our Brides: Katie Schuler

I thought it would be fun to contact our past brides and ask them to share their Real Wedding Advice. Katie was my first responder and here is what she said:

Oh how fun! Hmm that’s a hard one!

For sure don’t sweat the small stuff.
When planning it seemed like little things were such a big deal, but when it came down to it I forgot about all those things. As everyone says, it goes by so fast, so try to enjoy everything!

Also, not to feel like you have to talk to EVERYONE there; it got a little overwhelming. But people made a point to seek us out which was great, and we didn’t have to spend the entire night finding that one person we didn’t talk to. People will understand…  and if they don’t, don’t sweat it because it’s your day. Haha,I tried to put that last part the nicest way possible.

Oh and if you have a wedding mass really take that all in. That’s the only time it’s just the 2 of you, without everyone else talking etc.

More photos of Katie + Tony’s beautiful wedding here…COUNTRYSIDE COUNTRY CLUB WEDDING: KATIE + TONY

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