As most of you see we often share real wedding advice from our former brides, but we also like to sprinkle in advice from our dapper groomsThis weeks advice comes from Brooks Remp…

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Reception Advice: “After planning the perfect meal with our caterer were so excited for the menu and delicious food, but we only had a few bites and completely missed out on the ice cream bar! I’d say make sure you plan beforehand what you want to eat and plan time to eat, because in the moment it’s too busy to speak up and by the time you do – it’s on to the next event!

We totally agree with Brooks!! Plan time to eat, the night flys by so fast. Brandon and I did not plan time to eat either and we were starving by the end of the night. At a few weddings we have pretended to take our couple away for photos when really we were just sneaking them off so they could take a 15 min break to eat and have a glass of wine together;)

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