The Magic Of The Wedding Day

As wedding photographers we attend a plethora of weddings every year, each one unique and truly magical. It is our job to capture that magic as it unfolds in the moment; from the first look, the first kiss as husband and wife, to the first dance. The beginning of many first as husband and wife.

A few years ago we shot an amazing wedding where the Bride + Groom saved their very first kiss until the wedding day. Yes, you read that right. Not only were they chase, but they also waited to have their very first kiss on their wedding day.  Talk about pressure to capture that kiss perfectly… I was sweating bullets!

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As they leaned in slowly for this first kiss the tension in the air could be cut with a knife. Every family member and friend was silent and at the same time filled with utter joy just waiting to ignite in to marvelous flames. It was like the last 3 seconds before the ball drops on new years or that moment when the basketball is circling the hoop about to fall in. As their lips met for the very first time applause, ‘oos’ and ‘awes’ + tears of joy erupted in the church.  I could see a beautiful transformation occur… everyone could see a beautiful transformation occur.  The “two became one” with the very real physical sign of their first kiss.

It is all of these firsts that I adore when editing the photos from each wedding.  I go through the day and can physically see a change in the couple from the getting ready shots to the last shot of the night. This transformation can be seen in the way a groom looks at his new bride, the way their hands or body are slightly touching in every photo from the “I Do” forward, and the ever so quiet relaxed body language that occurs when they are near each other. Their shoulders drop into a relaxed natural position, eyes gazing at each other, a soft relaxed smile, arms gently resting on their sides and palms + finger tips relaxed. I have heard of it being called the posture of “moving through life together”.

Really it’s less about the physical outer posture of the couple and more about what is happening inside. The body language reflects the choice they have made to love each other and journey together as they grow older. To walk through life hand in hand in the good times – the honeymoon phase, new house phase, new baby phase, new adventure phase and the bad – the grief caused by the death of a parent, illness, the empty nest phase. All these things are bound to happen, but it is the decision to love no matter what life throws their way that truly transforms a couple at the wedding day. I believe it is that choice that allows the “magic” to truly happen.

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