Tips For a Relaxing The Morning Of Your Wedding

The morning of your wedding is sure to be full of excitement, butterflies, joy and fun. All of your closest girlfriends will be with you along with your parents to help you get ready for your beautiful wedding. Venders will we arriving to help cordinate the day and make sure things run smoothly. With all the final details coming together time can sometimes seem to be moving to quickly and the tendency to get stressed may sneak in. I have put together 3 tips  to help keep the stress at bay and help to create a Relaxing Wedding Morning.

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1. Give Yourself Plenty of Time: The day of the wedding runs so beautifully when you have a wedding day timeline prepared in advance. Brandon and I contact our couples about a month prior to the wedding day to help facilitate the creation of the wedding day timeline. Based on a few simple questions we ask in regards to the day, I  send over a timeline draft that a lots for the flow of the day and the time needed for amazing photos.  Once the timeline is in place it makes setting up your morning before getting ready a breeze. Plan a realistic wake up time that gives you some “me time” to either enjoy a tasty breakfast, take a relaxing bath or just sit on the porch as the sun kisses the morning due with a bit of prayer time; whatever helps you to have a wonderful start to your day. It’s important that you know when your makeup artist and hairstylist are arriving and have your wedding party arrive 15 min earlier then needed.  The key is to build in more time than you need, and always, always allow time for pictures!

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2. Create A Relaxing Getting Ready Space: Walking into a space that is pretty and clutter free always helps to bring a sense of peace. If possible, it is great to have one room for hair and makeup and a second room for actually putting on your wedding dress. The room for getting into your dress should be free of clutter and pretty to the eye. In this room ask one of your bridesmaids to have your favorite music playing and some tasty snacks set up off to the side in a beautiful arrangement. Brandon and I always suggest that hair and makeup is complete before we arrive to begin the getting ready photos. This way everyone is photo ready and feels confident in front of our lenses. It also clears the room allowing for the bride and her bridesmaids to have some free time as we shoot the dress, shoes, jewelry and details.

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3. Let It Go: Tiny “hiccups” are bound to happen on any wedding day, having the mindset of “I will let it go and enjoy my day” will free you tremendously from any stress. When I was a bride, the day Brandon + I said “I Do”, I kept my mind focused on walking down the aisle to my amazing husband and vowing my love for a lifetime. With this as my main focus the “hiccups” of the day passed right by without a second thought.

I hope this help you create a beautiful relaxing wedding morning:)

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