September 27, 2018



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What is a Ceremony Grand Exit?

So many of our couples have done this – this year!:) It’s a new trend which is really taking off, the “Ceremony Grand Exit”. Technically it’s and old tradition with a new twist. People used to do them all the time in the 20’s through the 80’s and then it died off in the 90’s and went to late night grand exits.

So the idea is to have a ceremony grand exit as you walk down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife. The HUGE KEY here is to have your officiant or wedding DJ ask all the guests to pick up the eco-friendly dissolving confetti, bubbles, bird seed or streamers (that y’all have placed on each seat before the wedding) and get them ready to shower the new couple as they walk down the aisle. It makes for some gorgeous photos and a lot of excitement!!

CEREMONY GRAND EXIT blue mountain vineyard dahlonega ga North Georgia wedding

Our couples have been doing this for few reasons:

  1. It lets them party longer without having to have the photographers there till the end for the grand exit.  Making the 8hr timeline work to their advantage.
  2. Most of our couples will place a little goodie bag (of whatever their guests are to throw) along with a note on each ceremony chair… guest love getting something when they arrive + it breaks the ice for all the guest! The little note asks their guest to throw the contents of the bag as the walk down the aisle for the first time as husband + wife.
  3. It gives their guests (primarily the older folks and parents with kids at home) the option to head out early  without feeling guilty for missing a grand exit.
  4. Several of our couples have opted for buses or trollies to take some of their guests home and this allows for the transportation services to do several runs through the night making it easier for guests.

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