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Wedding Tip for Light

The light on your wedding day is most likely the last thing on your mind at the moment… however, we can guarantee that it will affect more than just the photographs. So here is a wedding tip for light at your wedding.

Wedding Tip for Light FloralsIn general, you need to think about where the light is coming from during the ceremony, especially if it is outdoors. It would be very uncomfortable to have a piercing beam of light in your eyes as you exchange your vows. During Shawn and Marci’s wedding below, the sun was perfectly positioned behind the gazebo giving them plenty of shade for their vows.

Wedding Tip for Light bright airy photos horn photography and design Dahlonega three sisters vineyard wedding

A Shady Spot

Our advice is to find a nice shady spot for your ceremony, this will allow for even light on you and your bridal party. If that isn’t possible, try to have the sun behind the officiant.

We also highly suggest pushing the ceremony as close to sunset as possible, especially during the summer. This will also save your guests from the sun’s unforgiving heat. If you choose to do a first look + all your photos before the ceremony you can literally do a sunset wedding 30 mins before the sun kisses the earth for the evening. This will give your wedding a gorgeous golden glow.

Wedding Tip for Light Dahlonega Photography Wedding photographer team photo plus filmWhat time should we start?

If you choose to forego the first look then you will need to start about 1.5 hours before sunset. Having a wedding ceremony at 2pm in July will generally mean sweaty guests, a lot of squinting eyes, and harsh shadows. Don’t be afraid to start later into the day.

perfect light on wedding day

Did you find this tip helpful? We have plenty more to help you prepare for your big day. Take a look below.

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