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your dance floor packed out bride dances to live djHow to Pack out Your Dance Floor

How packed do you want your dance floor? I remember our wedding day and how crazy packed our dance floor was. I am pretty sure not a single person was sitting down. We remember how sweaty the guys were who stayed on the dance floor all night long. It truly was an amazing celebration of true love, dear family and amazing friends. And to this day we look back at the photos and say things like…

…OMG there is Dorthy braking it down on the dance floor at 8 months pregnant!
… Look, each of our dads were dancing together and so so happy.
…There is Peter in his dress blues doing the YMCA!

The list just goes on. This is the same experience we want for you. We want you to be able to look back and remember all the family + friends who can to celebrate your first day as husband + wife. We want you too see your father and father-in-law dancing it up. See people sporting goofy dance moves at your reception on your dance floor and tons of amazing memories that bring you back to that very moment in your life.

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Photographically speaking having a rocking dance floor looks great in photos. So we wanted to share a few tips we have learned over the years to pack out your dance floor!

  • Booking a band always fills your dance floor. There is just something authentic about a live music that gets people of all ages to dance on your dance floor.

However we also realize a band is not in everyone’s budget, so if you book a DJ here are a few great tips.

Tips if you hire a DJ

  • Give your DJ a playlist of the songs you love and request them to all be played. This is what we did (because who knows your family + friends better than you) and it was a huge hit.

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  • Ask your guests to jot down three favorite songs on the RSVP card; give your DJ the suggestions.
  • Have a few special dances. For example: get all the married couples on the dance floor and then count the years of marriage. So all the couples who have been married less than a day will sit down, followed by anyone married less than a year will sit down and so on till your left with one couple. Invite that couple to share wedding advice on the mic then ask everyone to come back up for a huge dance to celebrate that couple and how long they have been married. Then roll right back into more amazing music to pack out your dance floor.

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  • Supply party props. This one is always a winner. Handing out big funny hats, glasses, glow sticks and streamers always helps to get the party started. When people can put on a big hat or crazy glasses they instantly build confidence and the next thing you know the dance floor is packed.

We hope these fun little tips help make amazing memories on your wedding day and especially on your dance floor.

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