April 15, 2020

Take Your Time Making Wedding Decisions + 6 Tips to make great wedding vendor selections


We remember planning our wedding and feeling so overwhelmed and pressured to make decisions quickly. The same day we announced our engagement people were asking us what the wedding date was going to be. We literally had only been engaged for 24 hours at that point, we had not even thought about a wedding date yet. However, we were already feeling the pressure. Pressure from everywhere… family, friends and the wedding industry.

Obviously family and friends were just excited for us and did not intend to make us feel pressure but it was still there. Social media on the other hand had laid on the pressure heavy and on purpose. FB adds, pop-ups and even YouTube commercials were all targeted to us with the hope to get us to spend our money quickly with out taking time to make decisions on what we really wanted or needed.

With the feeling of overwhelming pressure it may be enticing to book the first venue you tour or select the first florist you meet (just to get it over with), but when it comes to booking wedding vendors, it’s essential to not rush into any decisions. We highly recommend considering at least a few different options to make sure the wedding creatives and vendors you select understand your vision. They also need to vibe with your personality.

Can you imagine rushing into your venue selection only to find out that the lead venue operator totally buts heads with you and you end up crying everyday for weeks before your wedding because their communication with you is so horrible. Or booking photographers who don’t get your personality, who never email you back, who don’t have a day of wedding timeline you love and who show up at your wedding dressed in ripped jeans, old t-shirt and tennis shoes and have no idea about how your wedding day will flow- Nightmare!

This can all be easily avoided with a little research:
1. Visit each vendors website: if they don’t have a professional website be wear!

2. Check out all their social medial accounts and make sure you like what you see.

3. Read Reviews on each vendors

4. Make sure they are a real business and not just a side hustle. A side hustle may fall apart well before your wedding day even gets here.

5. Meet with them online to chat via Skype, Google Hangout or Zoom – this will help you determine their personality and if y’all vibe well.

6. Chat with your soon-to-be to make sure you are both on the same page regarding the vendor.

We hope this helps! And remember boo, this is your day, you and your soon-to-be so don’t let anyone rush you.

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